Following two years in the making, DaVinci has announced their newest herbal vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ. The new offering is a sleekly designed mobile vaporizer for dry herbs, with some truly innovative features and pure, smooth vapor generation to boot.

Davinci IQThere’s a First for All

As DaVinci CEO Cort Smith put it, “we believe in building from the inside out.” That credo rings true from the DaVinci IQ, which comprises the first fully ceramic airpath the vaping business’s ever seen. Like glass, ceramic supplies pure and pure vapor, free of plastic or metallic tones, which is why DaVinci insisted upon a totally ceramic vapor path.

An all-ceramic airpath puts the IQ Vaporizer for sale in Canada in a group of purist vaporizers which contains the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha from 7th Floors and the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, among the best vaporizers for desktop use in the marketplace. But the easily ergonomic DaVinci IQ fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, which makes it one of the only mobile vaporizers to fulfill the expectations of pure vapor connoisseurs.

The Latest, Maybe Greatest”Smart” Vaporizer

Davinci IQDaVinci took into consideration the significance of temperature, which all manufacturers of herbal vaporizers must do. The IQ features Precise Temperature Control allowing users to toggle between temperatures ranging from 250° to 430? , but users can also choose between four pre-configured settings in the most frequent vaping temperatures, also switch over to”Boost style” for rapid vaporization. This triple-function heating control provides you users complete control over dry herb vape sessions. It’s convenient for people who know exactly how to warm their preferred dry herb strains, in addition to users who wish to quickly begin vaping on-the-go using a preset, and people who desire a quick”fostered” vaping session on-demand.

Like the Firefly 2 and upcoming Pax 3, the DaVinci IQ is the newest of a growing number of”smart” dry herb vaporizers with bluetooth compatibility. Users can control temperature levels through a program in their iOS or Android apparatus, allowing them to prepare in a discreet way their handheld vaporizer before vaping sessions. The DaVinci IQ mobile program also keeps track of key performance metrics, and allows you to power this innovative herbal vape off or on from your cell phone.

Davinci IQCompact Yet Powerful

The DaVinci IQ weighs just 5 oz and boasts a compact design at approximately 4 inches high and 11/2 inches wide, which makes it a really discreet vaporizer for people who vape outside. Despite its small size, it is a strong portable with a sophisticated conduction heating system. Although those who swear by convection may bemoan the IQ’s conduction method, it does have its advantages, among which is a generally faster heating time for on-the-fly vape sessions. The IQ also comes with a taste chamber for vapers that wish to add fresh scents and tastes for their dry herb vapor.

The IQ provides long vape sessions to get a mobile vape, using a 18650 battery lasting for more than 3 hours of constant vaping. Charging time is also 3 hours, so those who vape frequently may want to invest in a extra battery for easy vaping.

In terms of the DaVinci IQ’s aesthetics, the device is a thing of beauty–glossy, with a minimalistic yet contemporary look. The smooth-to-the-touch anodized aluminum exterior comes in four distinct colours: Gunmetal, Stealth, Copper, and Blue. And a 51-light grid screen adds a bit of elegance to your vaping sessions.