If you are conversant with the vaporizer marketplace, you will already know that the DAVINCI IQ has been a gigantic hit and indeed among the best dry herb vaporizers you can find. With so much success attained, the onus was on the people at DAVINCI to roll out something better or at least, match the performance of its predecessor.

Their response to this was to bless us with the DAVINCI MIQRO. In brief, the DAVINCI MIQRO places the exact advanced features of the IQ but in a smaller package. In actuality, with some figures stating it’s 31 percent smaller than its predecessor. If you would like something that’s easy, efficient, elegant, small but with high-tech attributes, the Miqo Vape is all that and more!

DAVINCI MIQRO: Important Features

Minimalist but Impressive Design

Since the looks is what everybody sees for the first time, we kick things off with the plan. For starters, this beauty is smaller than its predecessor. Maybe, that one of the significant attraction for this vaporizer; portability. It can comfortably fit into your pocket or handbag, even if the mouthpiece is extended like you are prepared to vape.

The outer body is made with anodized aluminum that ought to significantly improve its durability. The front of this MIQRO has 15 LED lights for temperature and power alarms. The Chamber has a pearl on the inside which permits you to adjust the size of the oven if you would like to be economical with your herbs. Overall the layout feels rugged and sturdy, which is precisely what you’ll need from a portable vaporizer.

Performance and Vapor Quality

The litmus test for all vaporizers. The Vapor quality and its overall performance is one place the men at DAVINCI seemingly paid much attention to when designing the MIQRO. And just like the predecessor, the standard of the vapor coming from this MIQRO is top-drawer. All thanks to this 100 percent pure ceramic zirconia vapor route and mouthpiece. These materials have surfaces which are resistant to heat and keep their chemical makeup when exposed to intense heat. Hence, the vapor made by the MIQRO is pure and unadulterated. Essentially, you won’t taste anything else but pure vapor. This high level of purity is guaranteed to put this device at the top echelons of mobile vaporizers.

Adaptive Controls With Smart Path Heating

As an individual of any apparatus, you are going to demand total control. The most device will not give you that, but the MIQRO provides something fairly close to that.

The user has the choice of 4 predetermined temperature settings, with all those configurations ranging 20 degrees. All the temperature settings slowly increases as your session goes till it strikes the maximum temperature of that alternative. Anticipate new scents and flavors to emerge as your session progresses. This feature is very perfect for heating different dry herbs, all you’ve got to do is to learn the specific temperature that works best with your own herbs, taste and vaping profile.