This Is A Quick Guideline On How You Can Iron On.

Heat your iron towards the cotton setting. Zero steam. Await your iron in order to heat. (Since every person’s iron is slightly different, we simply recommend close to the cotton setting.)

Put your Velcro Patches on your outfit and give it just one solid iron to keep it in position. PRESS VERY HARD for a moment. Then shift your iron on top of the label for approximately 7 to 10 seconds. (A number of garments will only require 5 seconds).

Allow your label to set for around 10 seconds before holding. The glue within our labels will still set hard within the next 24 hours. You should not wash your dress for the next 24 hours in order that it has enough time to set. THE PICK EXAMINATION – Make an effort to take the label at the edges right after it has cooled down. If it comes effortlessly then it indicates it did not iron in accurately, more than likely insufficient heat – improve the heat of the iron and simply repeat above.

Sensitive Fabrics

Materials which are made from wool or a number of polyesters, or even merino are suitable for brief, frequent bursts of heat. Put your label upon the outfit and press for BRIEF durations, to safeguard the cloth. (Or you can cover by using a sheet of kitchen baking paper to safeguard your fabric. If you make use of a cloth, raise your heat to ensure the heat passes through the fabric to activate the seal). A number of frequent, brief irons will certainly heat the glue sufficient to activate it on your sensitive products. Label socks around the SOLE, that is, under the foot. Place the label toe to heel.

Your own NAME IT LABELS are wonderful plus DISTINCTIVE; particularly made for AGED CARE as well as industrial wash.

The distinction with our iron on cloth labels is the fact that you can iron right on your label whenever you want. This is useful when ironing just after washing your outfit. You can iron directly on the top of iron on cloth label as soon as it is used as they are produced from a soft mixture of cotton/polyester. (You will find different kinds of iron-on you can buy in other places. Some possess a plastic surface area. Our own are soft.)

We assure our Iron on labels will certainly always remain. See our comments! We on a regular basis examine our fabric to ensure it really does. They are utilized in heavy industrial washers in Rest Homes, Aged Care as well as Boarding Schools. Our machines along with our fabric are particularly designed to make iron upon labels with regard to clothes. We currently have 23 years experience, plus because materials have transformed over time, we have modified as well as enhanced our product.

How Will You Ascertain If They Are Correctly Used?

You will have the ability to ascertain because our own iron on cloth labels will appear practically ironed into the outfit and you will be unable to pick it out following the TWENTY FOUR hour cooling down period of time.

You will observe that the support glue has long been activated and also the label has basically turned out to be a part of the garment.

Iron-On Black Satin Labels

These slim, soft and eye-catching satin iron on cloth labels are a good way to label clothes as well as linens. The attractive sheen in this iron on clothing labels also generates an excellent finishing touch with regard to crafts and other hand crafted products. Available too in white.

Made to generally be ironed on, these types of fabric labels also can be stitched on. (If the garment will be laundered, the actual labels have to be stitched completely around.)

Product Information

  • Thin and silky to touch
  • On the market with 1 or 2 lines of textual content
  • Up to 25 characters for each line-which include gaps
  • Up to 15 characters for every line when utilizing an icon
  • Printed out in ink that will not lose colour with time
  • Long lasting-will remain in the washing
  • 5 font and two colour options
  • Selection of 35 recommended icons
  • Rounded sides for convenience

Iron On Clothes Labels Are Ideal For

  • Clothes and accessories
  • Crafts and hand made products
  • Bed sheets


1 7/8”  ½”

Shipping And Delivery Periods

Product is delivered roughly 1 – 2 days from the period of purchase. Please click here   <> to view all shipping times.


Love Labels are weaved labels suitable for those people who sew in the home and wish to label their completed clothing items. These types of iron-on clothes labels are available in 26 distinct styles starting from the conventional to new colours and styles. If you are searching for kids clothes labels or something a bit more elegant, you are sure to discover the style you desire in our collection. Initially intended for use upon clothing and quilts, they generate interesting elements when utilized as card embellishments or even on scrapbooking pages.

If you are searching to customize an article associated with clothing, you will find some label designs that provide the opportunity to produce your name on them. A permanent marker having a sharp tip will be best to work with – for example a brand new Sharpie.

How You Can Iron-On Label To Label Products

  1. Take away label from your see-through backing sheet
  2. Put nametag upon garment. Protect using the silicone paper supplied
  3. Heat iron to highest temperature for the outfit. Switch off the steam functionality. Press tightly on the top of silicone paper just for 8 – 15 seconds. For synthetics, decrease the heat and increase ironing period
  4. Take out silicone paper and let the dress cool.


Caution! Stick to care guidelines on garment. Never iron on cloth labels upon non-ironable clothes. Be careful when using a very hot iron. Never iron across nametags without having silicone paper.

What To Compose On Your Labels

On your labels, you can get three lines of written text (15 characters for each line). Many prefer to incorporate a first name together with a surname. You can additionally include a class title (for example, year five or even Tulip class). Alternatively, you could include a phone number for people to make contact with you in case your jumper or product gets missing.

On the labels you can include any Gaelic fadas, French, Italian or Icelandic features.

TOP RATED HINT The more textual content you incorporate, the smaller the composing becomes. You can make more room for textual content if you do not have a picture.

Stickers Versus Iron On Cloth Labels

Our own colour labels are available in an array of designs and colours, yet are manufactured from different materials and still have different uses. Selecting between iron-ons or even stickers is oftentimes complicated, it all depends upon the way you will use the labels.

Iron on labels are used directly on materials. Thus they are an ideal solution when labelling products with no care label such as socks, underwear, pyjamas. They are also perfect for labelling the clothing of children that dislike possessing care labels on their clothes.

Colour stickers are created to stay with hard surfaces and clothes care labels. Therefore they have got Thousands of functions for children (school uniform, footwear, toys, school stationery) and also adults (in the workplace, cell phones, golf clubs, and so on). Read a few of our verified client reviews to find out the way they have used theirs.

The Best Way To Purchase

Purchasing our labels could not be simpler! You can make use of the quick purchase module above to pick from several of our most widely used designs, just include your text and put your labels directly into your basket. Otherwise, you can become creative and design yours <> by selecting from our large collection of different backgrounds, fonts, as well as icons.

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Make DO-IT-YOURSELF Iron-On Cloth Name Labels


  • Cotton canvas cloth
  • “Heat and Bond” iron-on adhesive (it is made in a sheet or roll)
  • Inkjet printer
  • Scissors & iron


Trim a piece of the Heat and Bond in to a regular letter paper size (8 1/2” x 11″) so that it will quickly feed through your printer.

Fuse the Heat and’ Bond to the cotton canvas cloth with an iron on low heat (follow the instructions on your Heat and Bond product packaging). Cut the cloth to the size of the Heat and Bond.

Setup your printer to print on a “cardstock” or “heavy paper” setting. Open up this PDF of label art work, and personalize it with your kid’s name

Place the cloth in your printer’s feed tray, arrange it to print, and as the file is printing make sure the cloth feeds equally through the printer (possibly you have to steady it with your hands as it prints).

Let the cloth dry for at least an hour, and after that cut the tags to size. To cling to the tags to a clothing, peel off the paper support of the Heat and Bond, then fuse the tags to the clothing with an iron on a low setting. Be especially mindful if you are fusing the tags to a polyester cloth like fleece – an iron that’s too hot will burn the cloth!

These iron-on labels could also work perfect for natural-fibered school bags, pencil cases, covers and much more! For extra protection, you could also sew around the tag once it is ironed on.

Even while our Iron on Cloth Labeling can be applied on most cloth products our labels are meant to be applied for labeling clothing. We currently have easy-to-read printed name tags, along with iron on woven tags for an stylish look, and our unique “tag less” Letter Moves. Pick from a large variety of font and pattern choices. Our tag preview capabilities permit for you to look at what your tag will appear like before inserting your order. The label preview can be seen on the product page.

Customized iron on name tags are simple to apply to children’s school outfits and clothes for residents in nursing houses who need long lasting washing labels. Our beautiful woven and silk iron on tags are also perfect for hand crafted items, and for small firms who need a stylish and skilled looking label.

Know more about our extensive collection of iron on tags below and after that click on the brand of the tag you are involved in to gain access to the relevant item page, where you can see all designs, colors and fonts, and place an order.

The most effective marketing and advertising tool to quickly grab the focus of clients is product brands, and if it is a well designed one, it can help increases sales drastically.

But, in the case of clothing brands, the situation is a bit different. Outfits tags are necessary but not always the first thing discovered; and once used, people hardly look at the label sewn inside their trousers or jacket.

But clothing labels serve a useful purpose … they help the buyer to decide the clothing size, cloth structure and the proper laundry processes.

The care brand in a outfit is a tag offered to the item containing regular maintenance details and guidelines. It is attached in such a way that it cannot be divided from the item under regular usage. This detail is necessary as it guides the client, providing rules and regulations for usage and maintenance of the item.