Updating Your GPS

When Picking a GPS, It’s important to bear in mind that every Type will be upgraded in another way. By way of instance, dedicated in-vehicle units are generally updated via a CD, which needs to be bought from the street map data supplier.

Those which are attached to a PDA, as well as most handheld Dedicated Update your GPS devices, are usually updated by means of a PC. They also need maps, but said maps can usually be acquired at a much lower cost than the committed branded ones required for other systems.

Being able to upgrade the device easily and at a reasonable Price Is a really important part of the decision procedure; unlike other consumer devices that you buy, the expense of ownership of a GPS unit is proportional to its usefulness.

The less you spend on keeping it, the less useful it becomes Since the street networks are constantly changing. That is perhaps less important for devices targeted at trekking and orienteering, but could be a factor in determining if a multi-function device is far better than one committed to a particular use.

However, a recent trend has seen PDA manufacturers attaching a GPS antenna, and providing sophisticated maps and software that use the ability of the PDA to provide an exceptional solution. They may not be rugged, but they do provide an excellent foundation for both in-vehicle and basic navigation. Instead of having a direct link, many PDA – based GPS solutions use Bluetooth as a way to communicate with the GPS receiver. This makes them easily installed in, and hauled from, vehicles.